emerging world project

We are connected to consciousness & Mother Nature. If you fail to see & appreciate the beauty within it, you are bound to make grave mistakes & then go on to justify them at the extreme detriment of truth. From the chemical poisoning of our global soils, food and children, the  extinction of our wildlife through greed and ignorance, to murder in our streets of poor and disenfranchised, we are a horrifically disconnected & destructive species. 

Yet, look at how broadly we responded to these recent events. We planted gardens we have never grown, we have walked trails we have never seen, we used video conferencing and the rediscovery of the family dinner table to connect with loved ones. Our over-scheduled & phrenetic families suddenly connected in ways they have not in decades. This connection has opened up new dialogue across all areas of our society and wildly positive changes that benefit our wildlife, planet and future generations are emerging.

There is a revolution afoot in the vibration of beauty and love and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it. 

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