What about Daisy ?

This heartfelt children’s book is inspired by the author, Maryam Faresh’s, own experiences with her rescue dog Daisy, born deaf blind.

Daisy, is in search of her forever home. The colorful and impressionistic illustrations tell the same story as the text, but offers a few special hints in the beginning pages; these hints indicate that Daisy is a little more special than the other dogs at her rescue facility.

Using a repetitive phrase: What about Daisy? Author, Faresh encourages readers to experience empathy for Daisy. This repetitive phrase also allows young readers to stay connected to the purpose of the book the search for Daisy’s forever home and it also builds anticipation and hope. The book offers opportunities for young readers to raise questions about special needs, and increases awareness in the areas of self-acceptance, acceptance of others, and the importance of friendship. Proceeds from the What About Daisy? book sales goes to charities for both deaf blind children and special needs pets in need of adoption. Purchase the book “What about Daisy?”

Emerging World Project has adapted with animations this book into a video series, documentary and series of advocacy campaigns. The book is gorgeously narrated by s2.1’s podcast guest, Greta Cuthall whose life work is devoted to animal advocacy and conservation. The advocacy campaigns come from the voice of VO artist, Lisa Lynn.

What about Daisy?© Written by Maryam Faresh w/original illustrations by Gail Suzanne Weissman