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The Emerging World Project podcast “what are you doing here ?” takes a deep dive look into the changes humans must make in the midst of the worlds 6th mass extinction. Using bold storytelling and lived experience; conservationist – filmmaker, t.addison brown and environmental youth activist, Marley Alabanza chat it up with a broad range of guests. including climate activists, artists, educators, wildlife conservationists, veterinarians, scientists and humanitarians from across the globe. along the way; stories of courage, empathy, action and passion for our natural world emerge. At 7.8 billion strong if each of us start by making simple decisions… we can change everything.

our own life must be our message ~ thich naht hanh

s3.2 | Language of the Moon

Align with Lunar time.

The moon has always marked the passage of time, waxing and waning with a steady rhythm Awareness of the the lunar phases brings us into relationship with the radiance of the sun, the receptivity of the moon and the constant movement of the cycles of the earth. As we continue our series exploring and deepening our relationship with the Earth; nurturing a global peace community and reflecting on the writings of peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh, we offer you this wonderful conversation with April McMurtry.

April is the founder of THE MOON IS MY CALENDAR and creatress of the New Moon Calendar Journal. She is also a visual artist, mother, and creative lunar guide. Her work reflects her passion for nature-based cycles, wellness, and creative expression .With a background in Youth Leadership, Girls’ Education, Intuitive Art, and Meditation – April has more than twenty years experience working in education as a classroom teacher, workshop facilitator and program coordinator at home and abroad. April’s guidance supports people on the path to growth and transformation through meditation, creative process, and awakening cyclical wisdom. She is interested in how healing work is connected to our relationship with Earth. Both of April’s grandmothers are first generation born in the United States from England and Ireland. She is a mother of two children and resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with four generations of her family. 

Learn more about ” The Moon is my Calendar” with April at www.themoonismycalendar.com and enjoy this lunar language on IG @themoonismycalendar

s3.1 | Dear Mother Earth

Welcome to Earth (every) Day 4.22.2022

On this episode we have gathered a cultural mosaic community that weaves excerpts from the writings of Thich Naht Hanh’s text “Love Letter to the Earth” (Parallax Press, 2013) with reflection, natural and original soundscape; thereby creating the ultimate deep listening experience, honoring global peace activist Thich Naht Hanh and dedicated to our Mother Earth. 

Seeking to affirm the life spirit in a way that nourishes the depleted contemporary soul, this episode will lead you into a transcultural and transcendent journey which reveals our commonality in diversity, that spark of inter-being we all share. We invite you to let yourself be drawn into meditation and emerge refreshed.  We’ll see you on the flip side.

The EWP constellation graciously thanks the following participants. Your generosity of spirit is deeply appreciated.

Love Letter Readers | #1 Erika T. #2 Marley A. #3 Greta C. #4 Deidre J. #5 Alzira R. #6 Maryam F. #7Natasha D.

#8 Mark A. #10 Addison B. | SoundScape | Keven Macleoad | Scott Buckley | Apoxode | Daniel Birch | Tongva Land

We also wish to express our deepest gratitude to Plum Village Monastic Community for their love and dedication in continuing the work of Thich Nhat Hanh.  You can help further Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings by donating to the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation  https://thichnhathanhfoundation.org/ways-to-giv

s3.PRELUDE | Natasha | Sing to the Earth

On this episode we take a deep dive into how we can live in right relationship with our mother Earth and why that feels so essential for humans right now. We begin with a conversation with Natasha. This conversation, friendship and guidance with deepening my own relationship with the natural world has been a bit of a lifeline for me, and I sense it can be for you too. You will find some bits of laughter, guidance and an invitation to Sing to the Earth. This episode is a prelude to our next season where we explore the Love Letter to the Earth by Thich Nhat Hanh; through out this season we will also explore finding novelty in nature, art in our lives and simply helping out.
Our guest Natasha Deganello Giraudie is a mother, a filmmaker and a teacher of nature practice. She helped to pioneer the micro-documentary genre for humanitarian movements, filming in more than 30 countries and reaching expansive audiences with her work.
Her film, One Word Sawalmem, was selected by Robert Redford and the Redford Center as a powerful voice at the intersection of youth, indigenous wisdom and environmental change.Her experiential nature meditation film, Inmanencia, was selected to be screened in festivals around the world from Boulder to Buenos Aires to Bhutan, where it won the Audience Choice Award.
As a child, Natasha learned some of her most valuable lessons outside the classroom – from indigenous people living deep in the wilderness of her native Venezuela. She has studied nature-inspired compassion with the Dalai Lama for more than 20 years and also attended nature-based retreats with Thich Naht Hanh at Plum Village. As a teacher of nature-based wellbeing, Natasha has taught groups of young professionals from the United Nations, Google and Airbnb as well as medical practitioners, politicians, nonprofit leaders and fellow documentary filmmakers in the US, Latin America and Asia.

Connect with Natasha and begin your nature practice today https://www.rosaguayaba.earth/
You will also discover much wisdom and beauty on Natasha’s IG https://www.instagram.com/rosa.guayaba/

s3.TRAILER | “Love Letter to the Earth” by Thich Nhat Hanh, Parallax Press (2013)


Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh is a global spiritual leader, poet and peace activist, revered around the world for his pioneering teachings on mindfulness, global ethics and peace. His recent passing on 01.22.2022 was reverberated across the globe, and lit a fire in the EWP community to adamantly continue his teachings of reverence for Mother Earth and the building of a global peace community. We are deeply honored to be given permissions by Parallax Press to present this series. This podcast series will couple readings of excerpts from “Love Letter to the Earth” with visual art, music and reflections of the 10 letters by a variety of guest from around the world.

Thich Nhat Hanh “Love Letter to the Earth” is graciously permitted by Parallax Press. Parallax Press is a nonprofit publisher founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. They publish books and media on the art of mindful living and Engaged Buddhism. And are committed to offering teachings that help transform suffering and injustice. Their aspiration is to contribute to collective insight and awakening, bringing about a more joyful, healthy, and compassionate society. www.parallax.org

We also wish to express our deepest gratitude to Plum Village Monastery for their love and dedication in continuing the work of Thich Nhat Hanh.  You can help further Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings by donating to the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation  https://thichnhathanhfoundation.org/ways-to-give

Previous Season Episodes


The philosophical heartbeat of a storyteller is to move more people to do great things: to inspire people to think, act and behave in a way which will enrich their lives and those of people around them. Diedre Jantjies is a cultural activist from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, she writes the historical stories of women. She is the founder of Na Aap Productions, a fully integrated, broad based production company, screening untold stories of Southern Africa. Diedre has a long history of stage performing, she took these skills and started writing her own stories that she is creating into short and feature films. Working extensively on narratives closest to her heart. Stories that include indigenous heritage and traditions that have been forgotten, is the most important dialogue that she wants to create. Company founder Deidre Jantjies identified that women needed a voice to represent themselves creatively. This was a great way to start a company that stood for African writers, directors, and producers. In 2020, the company partnered with an Indian storyteller and produced Love Thy Neighbour, an animation short film that won international awards. In that same year they produced Stories in die Wind, a web series that tells the indigenous story of a young girl finding her purpose. 

Follow Diedre’s adventures on IG @jantjesdiedre and the animated web series “Stories in die Wind” www.storiesindiewind.co.za


The heating planet is our commons. It holds us all. To address and reverse warming requires connection and reciprocity. It calls for moving out of our comfort zones to find a depth of courage we may have never known. It calls for action that is bold and fearless. our guest today is David, one such person with a depth of courage that left us after out talk in deep reflection about our own continued and deepened call to end the climate crisis in one generation, and most importantly transitioning to a plant – based food system. David shares with us the horrors of the animal agriculture industry from his own direct experience as a (former) federal slaughterhouse inspector. David Pereira has worked in the Animal Agriculture industry for 15 years. He has witnessed many horrible things during his time as a slaughterhouse inspector. After some self-reflection, learning that we don’t need to eat a cows, chickens, pigs or fish to live he became vegan. Now, David is working to grow is his influence and share his story in the hopes that he may inspire others to follow their intuition, go vegan, and become activists. As an Animal Rights Activist, he’s helped to create and organize many campaigns workin with many other activists with the goal of recruitment in mind. He enjoys street outreach speaking to the public directly. He has a platform on youtube, tiktok, facebook and instagram. His work is focused on helping to build a better life and world for the most vulnerable. You can support David’s goal of becoming a full time activist for change or help with other campaigns by visiting David’s platforms  https://linktr.ee/The40yearoldVegan  YouTube |  https://youtube.com/c/The40yearoldVegan IG | @the_40_yearoldvegan 

“I love speaking with the public directly, you see the change right before your eyes” ~ david pereira
… match your passion with helping to regenerate life on Earth by delving in at regeneration.org

The world’s largest, most complete listing and network of solutions to the climate crisis. And how to do them! ™


Dr (Hon) Wong Siew Te, D.J.N.准拿督黃修德荣誉博士 is a Malaysian wildlife biologist and tropical forest ecologist. He did his Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees in Wildlife Biology at the University of Montana, USA, and has an honorary doctorate from the University of Sunshine Coast in Australia. He is the CEO and founder of the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, which he founded in 2008. Having done his Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees in Wildlife Biology at the University of Montana, USA, and has an honorary doctorate from the University of Sunshine Coast in Australia. Dr. Wong has been recognized with numerous awards for his work on sun bear conservation and is a worldwide authority on this rare bear species. Come along for this fascinating and informative chat about this rare bear species and grab a little inspiration for following your passion to help out in the efforts to regenerate our magnificent planet. Now is the time to bring our practices, products, agriculture and all else into alignment with the living world and help end the climate crisis.Show your support and learn more at The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center http://www.bsbcc.org.my/


First up, our friend and nature practice guide Natasha Deganello Giraudie sets the tone for us with a beautiful Land Blessing. Together we can deepen our relationship to the more -than- human world at this critical time. We encourage you to take it slow … find a tree to sit under and relax into this important conversation.On this episode we catch up with Jennifer Brent the Executive Director for California Wildlife Center.California Wildlife Center takes responsibility for the protection of native wildlife through rehabilitation, education, and conservation.  It is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of native California species, who otherwise would be left to suffer from the effects of human encroachment, habitat destruction and environmental damage.Jennifer has been working with animals for over 13 years most recently as the Executive Director of California Wildlife Center.  She has a passion for the preservation of native species and the environment and has been at the helm to help over 82,000 wild California animals.  She was previously at the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, the Found Animals Foundation and served on the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services’ Commission.California Wildlife Center offers all of their programs at zero cost to the finder. They help over 4,300 animals each year and answer over 30,000 phone calls. This work is funded by individual donations as they receive no sustaining government money. Your kind offerings are greatly appreciated. Learn more by visiting http://www.cawildlife.org  


There is nothing more inspiring than a human steeped in their passion, in this case passion for humans and the return to the well – being of Earth and her richly diverse inhabitants, Erfan Firouzi is a joy and you are not going to want to miss this conversation! Erfan Firouzi is 17 years old, he lives in Dubai, UAE. He is currently studying at the Westminster School, Dubai. Erfan has always loved the natural world, and so started researching scientifically on animals and plants within the past 7 years or so. He was at first inspired by Sir David Attenborough and still till this day, Sir David serves as his role model.As David Attenborough says: “An understanding of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment.” Erfan Firouzi believes that until people understand how the natural works, they won’t pay time or care about it. “We need to understand, to care and care, to save.”Erfan has also learned that the natural world is dramatically fragile, yet if given the chance and care it can recover beyond our imagination, and since then he has been working extra hard, by creating documentaries, organizing online classes which teach young people about the natural world and “Nature Talks”  where he talks with scientists and biologist regarding saving our beautiful planet.His website is a testament to his lifelong commitment to spreading awareness to younger generations by getting them closer to the natural world with the help of his preserved zoology and botany specimens. Erfan was recently the recipient of the “WeNaturalists” http://www.wenaturalists.com “storyteller with purpose” award. We congratulate him and hope you learn and enjoy this conversation as much as we did.“Our living planet is truly a very unique place, it provides us with our daily needs and support during hard times. It is now the time that we support our planet and its unique biodiversity.” ~ Erfan Firouzi. Help re-wild the planet with Erfan at http://www.thewildlifefocus.com 

Music | axletree


According to the Urban dictionary “save the fish”  when saying goodbye is a way to remind people to be aware of preserving the Earth. Well,  first we’d like you to say hello! to Mia from Oahu, Hawaii. Mia is 13 years old and runs Youth Climate Save Hawaii. She is Vegan and insists she is not brainwashed or anything. Stop by and be inspired by this conversation with Mia where we talk about some of her favorite causes like the plant based treaty, what to look for in “green washing” Harry Potter (yep) how she’s learning to paddle board to get in the ocean and help her with her fear of fish and how becoming vegan is a great thing to do to help save the environment.Mia says ” I’m just trying to help save this Earth! and endorsing the Plant Based Treaty will help loads and I hope I can help change this world for the better one day!” 

Find Youth Climate Save Hawaii on IG and please join Mia by supporting the plant based treaty … “save the fish.”

http://www.plantbasedtreaty.org | Music | Apoxode


It’s not much of a leap to say that creative innovative youth hold the key to the solutions for the planetary emergencies we are faced with at this time. We certainly need young people with all of their available brain neurons firing to help solve these problems. Wildlife reserves, parks and greenbelts and the beings and plants that live within also depend on an alert and caring human population of informed people – for their continued survival. We are talking today to a young person leading the change… a person whose kindness and positivity is just the dose of heart warming medicine we could all use at the moment.

Nikhita Kalluri is part of the Youth Climate Save Movement, she is an intersectional climate and environmental activist whose work emphasizes internal healing and holistic action. She is 19 years old and a student at UC Santa Cruz in northern California. Please join me in your heart in welcoming our guest Nikhita. You can learn more about the work of the Youth Climate Save Movement on IG @youthclimatesave and @youthclimatesave_sanjose

Music | Apoxode


Are you ready to weave yourself into nature? If you are able… take a walk or hang out under a tree while listening this episode.Friends of Emerging World Project and our community have contributed to the mosaic of voices, natural earth sounds and music that you will hear throughout our brilliant conversation with our guest, Grace Kimaru.21 year old Grace Kimaru is an environmentalist from Nyeri, Kenya. She is an urban and regional planner focusing on the environment, climate change and human rights advocacy. Her passion runs deep when it comes to mobilizing and leading other young people to be ambassadors of Mother Nature. She is also the founder of Foster Green Association. A project that strives for environmental conservation through tree planting, cleanups, environmental education and programs on organic farming for the younger generation.You can also find the Foster Green Association spreading awareness about wildlife and environmental conservation on various social media platforms. Grace believes that fighting the climate crisis is not a one-man responsibility, it calls for teamwork and the commitment of the whole world. Consequently, she is a firm believer of the immense potential of African youth to transform the continent through innovation, hard work and solidarity. Jump in and support Grace and the Foster Green Association, in any way you can… as they pave a greener future; on IG @fostergreenassociation and @gracekimuru 

EWP thanks these friends for their offerings to this soundscape.

Music | Apoxode | Tongva Land | Land Blessing | Natasha Deganello Giraudie 

Intro | Terri Jude Davis | Outro | Mark Adair Rios 


Sit back and relax, perhaps outside somewhere…with the birds and enjoy this episode.  We have woven in a little poetry and invigorating music to help you weave yourself back into nature as we converse with Sebastian. People to People. People to Nature. Nature to Everything.  Sebastian Moreno is an Environmental Conservation PhD candidate at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst. His research focuses are in ornithology, urban ecology, and social science. Sebastian’s dissertation works on improving the citizen science experience by making it more inclusive and accessible to underserved communities. Outside of academia, he is a Pathways Biological Intern for the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Program Coordinator for Latino Outdoors Western Massachusetts. He is also a licensed falconer and works with his American Kestrel (falco sparverius), Captain. Ask Sebastian anything @urbanbirdeco on IG.

S2.1. Greta | Youth Climate Save

Youth Climate Save is the first youth climate organization to focus on the link between climate change and animal agriculture. It’s time to seriously talk about that connection and what better place to start … than with our youth. On this episode we are speaking with Greta Cuthell a 17yr old activist from Australia.Greta spent 2 years working at a wildlife sanctuary, which made for a very different high school experience, during that time she saw firsthand effects of climate change. It’s was this experience that opened her eyes and she has said it destroyed her while also revealing her calling to being vegan. At one point in our talk Greta shares how being vegan brightens her own day, by knowing that she is not contributing to the suffering of animals. This is but one powerful insight amongst many others from this vibrant and compassionate being. These days, she works with Youth Climate Save, a movement that empowers young people from all over the world to stand up for climate justice and animal justice while also educating others on these pressing issues. Greta’s voice lands evocatively on our hearts as she focuses her life on helping to create a more beautiful, just and kind world. as an organizer for Youth Climate Save Victoria you can find Greta on IG @youthclimatesavevictoria and support the plant-based treaty @plantbasedtreaty  

ep10. Little Miss Dolittle | The making of a wildlife veterinarian !

Face to face with a lion… oh my!  The huge heart and soul of our guest from Kenya, wildlife and environmental conservationist Gabbie … leaps out at you and into your heart, as we talk in depth about the state of iconic wildlife. Gabbie shares with us the stories of growing up with wildlife as her norm. No fear here when a lion sticks its head in the window while on a game drive, nor a tremble upon the discovery of a cheeky baboon helping itself to all the snacks in her tent. But, this is not all fun and games, wildlife protection is a big deal that Kenyans are devoted to and succeeding as the guardians and stewards of their land and wildlife. At 16 years old Gabbie’s is a voice of the future for her country and a very active youth in the conservation field. It is no wonder she aspires to be a wildlife veterinarian as that will put her on the front lines of the care that wildlife are increasingly in need of these days. Gabbie is well aware of the need to educate people about the wildlife in Africa in a way that does not romanticize the situation, but yet encourages people to love not fear and become warriors for their protection and preservation. Gabbie has a couple organizations that she suggest you support, so please visit these websites and show your support for our world’s wildlife and environment and you can follow this young leader on her IG @little.miss.dolittle (get it?) visit:  https://www.bornfreeusa.org/ https://www.olpejetaconservancy.org/

ep9. A constellation called tribe | Abiodun

… an inspiring and mighty cooperative of humans that are BEING the change we need in the world.Our guest is Abiodun (Abbey) Henderson, Founder and Executive director of The Come Up Project, whose program includes Gangstas to Growers which is apart of a cooperative community model in Atlanta, Georgia that is centered on living, playing, working, hurting, healing, offering and Black liberation.  Abbey’s vision brings together two important facets of the modern urban revival—the locavore food movement that has become a fixture of gentrifying cities across the country, and an awakening recognition that gentrification was leaving behind, or even displacing, a significant portion of the population.Simultaneously, Gangstas to Growers also teaches young people the importance of building wealth in historically disinvested communities in Atlanta. Despite Atlanta’s reputation as a Black Mecca, the city’s low-wealth youth have less of a shot to move up the income ladder compared with other major American cities.Urban agriculture is a tool that can restore and revitalize communities. Abbey says… “These young people are looking for love, understanding and empowerment as soon as we concentrate on giving them those three things, the sooner crime will decrease, and we’ll see these people soar.” Gangstas to Growers is saying that everyone is worthy of love, knowledge, and economic empowerment. You can experience the goodness of “Gangstas to Growers” hot sauce “Sweet Sol ” here https://webuyblack.com/gangstastogrowers and stay in touch and in tune with “The Come Up Project” here https://linktr.ee/thecomeupprojectatl

ep8. If you were a tree what kind of tree would you be ? | Kaylee

Our guest is Kaylee Brzezinski, sustainability maven for One Tree Planted. As an environmental charity, they are on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees.Did you know ?A single tree can be home to hundreds of species of insect, fungi, moss, mammals, and plants. Depending on the kind of food and shelter they need, different forest animals require different types of habitat. Without trees, forest creatures would have nowhere to call home.

Young, Open Forests: These forests occur as a result of fires or logging. Shrubs, grasses, and young trees attract animals like black bears, the American goldfinch, and bluebirds in North America.

Middle-Aged Forests: In middle-aged forests, taller trees begin to outgrow weaker trees and vegetation. An open canopy allows for the growth of ground vegetation preferred by animals like salamanders, elk, and tree frogs.

Older Forests: With large trees, a complex canopy, and a highly developed understory of vegetation, old forests provide habitat for an array of animals, including bats, squirrels, and many birds.The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now. visit www.onetreeplanted.org and get some dirt under your nails.

ep7. Maddog’s honey bees | Madison

Maddog’s Bees!

Have you ever thought about being a beekeeper ? or want to really understand the role bees play in our world? Well, here is your chance even if you don’t think it’s for you, to learn the ins and outs of beekeeping. Our guest on this episode is Madison Newman. She is a 22 year old beekeeper born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from California State University Northridge. Madison started her beekeeping profession working as a honey salesperson right out out of high school, and has worked her way up to beekeeper. When she isn’t beekeeping you can likely find her hiking, brewing, or practicing martial arts. Madison reminds of the integral part that all of the pollinators play in our ecosystem. Her English literature studies has taught her how to analyze which is very beneficial when it comes to managing bee colonies, keeping bees alive as well as safe for the public. You can check out Maddog’s adventures and truly learn a lot by dropping into her IG https://www.instagram.com/maddog586/ And if you want to learn more about beekeeping, join a community, or get yourself some local honey be sure to visit https://www.thevalleyhive.com/ from tasting honey to viewing bees in a fully functional glass hive, it is the only place of its kind in Southern California. 

ep6. A park for the people | Dominique

Pro-women, pro-girl and pro-family approach to integrated conservation and development make this national park truly “A Park for the People”.The Gorongosa Project sees people and conservation as two sides of the same coin. Their mission is to advance an integrated multi-partner approach to conservation and to people – centered development.We will be speaking to Dominique Goncalves, she is a Mozambican ecologist focused on elephant conservation in Gorongosa National Park. Her interest in biodiversity protection and human population increase inspired her to earn her MSC in Conservation Biology at Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) at University of Kent. Gonçalves currently serves as Manager of the Elephant Ecology Project where she investigates elephant movement and range expansion in relation to habitat use and Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC). Working with law enforcement and sustainable development colleagues, she hopes to build coexistence between communities and wildlife throughout the buffer-zone surrounding the park. In addition to this, Gonçalves works closely with park Girls’ Club programs; promoting education and health to prevent early marriage.The Gorongosa Project protects the Park’s biodiversity and ecosystem services and unlocks its economic potential for the community inhabitants of the Gorongosa Buffer Zone, Sofala Province, Mozambique and further afield. At a time of increasing fragmentation of wild landscapes across Africa, we have an historic opportunity to create an immense, unfenced, connected mosaic of Protected Areas in central Mozambique, comparable in size to the Serengeti Ecosystem.  This landscape is hailed by E.O. Wilson as one of the most biodiverse places on Earth.  This healthy landscape will serve as an engine of sustainable economic growth to the people who live around the Park. By adopting a 21st Century conservation model of balancing the needs of wildlife and people, we are protecting and saving this beautiful wilderness, returning it to its rightful place as one of Africa’s greatest parks. Visit https://gorongosa.org/

ep5. The “Jungle Doctor”… is in the house | Chloe
Hey Chloe !

Chloe Buiting, DVM. is an Australian veterinarian and wildlife conservationist who is passionate about our natural world and all the species that inhabit it. Part of her childhood was spent growing up on Australia’s beautiful Lord Howe Island, and it is this time that inspired her to pursue a career in the field of conservation. She serves as Director of Outreach for Loop Abroad, a student travel organization that began with a singular mission: provide the best hands-on study abroad for students pursuing careers working with animals. And just recently, Jungle Doctor Conservation Scholarship funded 71 Maasai students to go on safari to see their wildlife for the first time. Chloe is one super cool doctor, translating her passion into opportunities designed to benefit and inspire future generations. Buckle up this is one wild ride as Chloe takes us through some of whys of the current universal malaise we are experiencing, including the state of the koala population after the catastrophic Australian bush fires last summer. There are many brilliant minds offering solutions and we will learn about some that are taking place, such as, innovative programs in the fields of 3d printing, green cities, animal translocation and initiatives such as the 30X30 initiative that looks to protect 30% of the land and sea by 2030, and mountain gorilla vaccinations to prevent the spread of shared diseases We also unpack why there is an urgent need to end the illegal wildlife trade. It is a lot to digest, but stick it out… we promise to make you laugh (or cry) when Chloe tells us the funniest if not a tad bit harrowing story of catching a wild giraffe. Chloe is passionate about highlighting the importance of wildlife conservation, and shares her adventures on IG https://www.instagram.com/jungle_doctor/ and through her website jungledoctor.org

ep4. These are shoes wear them on you feet | Blane

Let’s face it sometimes humans make things complex and downright messy. On this episode “these are shoes wear them on your feet” we are talking about communication in the digital world,  zoos educating via virtual reality, the rediscovery of our humility and our need to recognize that we are immersed in Nature. Without Nature there is no existence for Humanity. Our guest is Blane, he grew up in New Zealand and studied and now lives in Australia, He is an architect turned digital conservationist. After many years of study, a couple degrees and some serious reflection on his life… Blane turned a corner. By his wanting to help create a better world for the future, bring about awareness to our environment and get others involved with conservation at scale, he was inspired to created earth.offline. This vastly growing digital world and conservation tribe is a great place to start on a journey for anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge in all things conservation. Find Blane here | https://earthoffline.com/

ep3. A bird named brown | Erika

Come on thru as we chat it up with conservationist, Erika Teng Gui. This trailblazing 16yr advocate for all things wild has spent a good portion of her teens already working in sanctuaries in her home country of the Philippines. She fell in love with a bird named Brown while caring for the raptor as it recovered from a stroke and was subsequently confined to a life in sanctuary and needing to be hand fed. Erika walks us through some of the day to day activities as well as educates us on some of the dangers the wildlife in the Philippines face as a result of climate change and habitat loss. In this touching conversation Erika shares with us why she maintains her hope for a better world and reminds the youth to have the courage to protect our natural world no matter what other people might think.

ep2. Take a walk on your wildside | Jennie & Aron

Volunteering is great fun, educational and can also be transformative, especially when your subjects are rescued wildlife. Marley and I are chatting it up with Jennie and Aron from “Jennie of the Jungle.” A volunteer conservation travel company. We are going to dig deep into the state of conservation and travel these days as well as share with you some very important things to know before visiting a true accredited sanctuary or rescue center, and how there is probably something close at home that you too can be doing for wildlife conservation. Find Jennie here | https://www.jennieofthejungle.com/